Hector Skevington-Postles


Current Project | Our Planet | COMING 2019

‘Our Planet will premiere across all Netflix territories in 2019 in collaboration with Silverback Films and WWF. Our Planet, an astonishing new eight part natural history series made by the creators of the critically and popularly acclaimed series Planet Earth.’

I filmed for the Open Ocean, Shallow Seas, Frozen Worlds, Grasslands and Jungle episodes. Really looking forward to the release on 5th April 2019.



Big Cats: Snow Leopard

Documentary series uncovering the secret lives of big cats, using the latest technology and scientific research to bring these animal superstars out of the shadows. Below is a sequence I filmed for Big Cats , capturing these incredible animals high up in the Indian Himalayas, looking for a mate at the top of the world. I was also in the ten minute Making-Of at the end.